Why It’s Important to Plan Holidays with Your Family?

Family Holidays

Spending a holiday doesn’t only mean to go on abroad, wander around and then come back to your home. Actually holiday has a great meaning and if it is a family holiday then the meaning becomes very deep. Anyway, a family holiday is really very necessary whether it is in every two months or twice in a year. Spending vacation with family members means making bonds stronger and also so many things. So, everybody should know the importance of family holidays. Spending Quality Time with Family

A family holiday means everybody is getting the opportunity to spend a quality time with each member of the family. It will help you to make relationships stronger and fresh than before. You’ll get to know everyone in a new way. In todays plan busy world there are little time to sit down together. And that’s why arranging a family holiday is important. In our day-to-day life we face different problems and spending time with family members are a great way to overcome those.

Vacation allows all the Members to Rest

Everybody in a family remains busy all day long in different activities. Kids go to school, play and come back to home, do their homework and then sleep. Parents come home, help their kids to read, cook and then sleep. This is how our life is going. So, we all should take rest for some days. And through holidays all the members in a family can take rest together. There will no pressure during vacation time rather than taking rest.

Creating greatest Memories

Going on a holiday means to take your phone and clicking uncountable photos. And yes this is the great way to make memories with your beloved ones. In our daily life there is little time in our hands to take photos with family members. That’s why when you’ll go on a vacation with your full family package then there will be so much scope of clicking photos. These photos will be a priceless memory to all of you.

Boosting Your Health

Family holidays are really good for your health as it gives you the scope of staying close to your beloved ones. It doesn’t let you to think negative things and also doesn’t let you face any other stressful situation. It means to have a peaceful and refreshing holiday that boost up your body and health and mind and also makes you more energetic as well as active. So, try to spend time with your families as much as you can.

Making Time to Play

In our daily life there is little time in our hand to play with our kids. But a family vacation creates the scope in a bigger way. When you’ll be out with your kids then there will so much time to play with them. It will also make your brain and mind fresh because kids are like angels. So, try to reconnect with them. It’ll make both of you happier and healthy.

At last, we want to say that the importance of family holidays is not possible to describe in words. There are so many things rather than the above-mentioned situation. So, go on a tour with your family at least twice in a year.

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What you Need to Carry When You are Going on a Family Holiday

Going on a Family Holiday

If you are the CEO of packing in your house then raise your hand! Whether you like it or not if you are the mother of 2-3 kids then packing responsibilities automatically get upon to you when it’s vacation time. And one common thing in every family is that, after reaching the vacation place if something is missing then all will blame you. So, it’s better to make a list of the most important things that you shouldn’t forget at all. For giving you a hand we’ve come up with the names of some things that are mandatory when you are going out with your full family including kids.

Important Things You Must Carry When Travelling

Wherever you go that doesn’t matter, if you have kids with you then you should always carry comfortable wears. Kids are very sensitive and they need to change clothes after a while. This is why you may need to take more clothes of them. So, you have to carry those types of clothes that are easy to wash and dry. And also you need to carry an extra luggage only for your kids’ clothes, as the number will be high!

Light Snacks

This is another mandatory item and you’ll feel the importance when your kids will want to eat after 30 minutes. Kids are very young to restrain their hunger and they are unable to hold up their hunger even for 10 minutes. So, you must need to carry light snacks for their sake. You cannot just see them crying for foods when you will be at 4000 feet high from the ground! However, carry cakes, biscuits, fruit juice, cookies etc. with you all time. Because to be healthy on the time of travelling is very important. 

Playing Stuffs

For passing time you have your phone and net on it. But what about your kids? And it is also proven that kids become bore so easily. That’s why it is necessary to carry newer toys for them. You may be thinking that why new toys? Well, kids are curious by nature and when they will get a new toy in their hand they will be busy with it and time will pass automatically. They will not also disturb you for a single moment.

Travelling Pillow

Travel Pillow for kids

Image Source: pillowidea

This is the thing you can’t forget at all when you are packing for your holiday with your kids. Whether in the car or in the plane your little one will always look for comfort for snoozing.  But you know well that it isn’t easy to get comfort in the car seat or plane seat. So, don’t forget to carry pillow for kids to give them ultimate comfort in any situation. But it’s a reminder that before purchasing kids pillows always check the sizes that it matches with your kids or not. If it becomes smaller or larger then they will not get the expected comfort.  

Enough Toiletries

If it comes about the toiletries then you have to carry a lots of things like separate shampoo and conditioner for kids, wet wipes, tissues, deodorant, instant hand sanitizer, perfume, cream, talcum powder, toothbrushes and toothpastes, dental floss etc. Make sure that you have carried all of them in a good amount so that you don’t feel any lacking in the time of need. With these items you should also carry a small sized first aid kit box, as kids are very naughty by nature. And keep some essential medicine inside the first aid box.

Travelling Carry Bags

Travel Carry BagRather than luggage and personal hand bags you have to take another carry bag with you. It will come to your work when you’ll go for sight seeing or in the beach. Since you need to carry the emergency items for your kids you must need another big sized carry bags inside your luggage. When you’ll go out you can easily carry your essential items inside that bag.

Last of all, as you are going on a holiday with your kids some extra things you have to remember. You have to be more careful about your kids and never ever keep your kids alone. Since you are going in an unknown place your kids are unaware of the whole thing. So, keep an eye on them all the time. Go with them wherever they go and also take them with you wherever you go. However, be careful that they don’t fall sick then your vacation will be ruined.

Happy holiday and be safe!

Important post for you: It’s very important to get or manage a hotels room when you are going to a vacation. Let’s see our post

5 Best Family Holiday Destinations Around the World

Most Travelling Place around The world

It’s almost of the year but didn’t you go on a family holiday yet? Actually going out with kids is equally enjoyable and daunting. However, all the tourists’ places in different parts of the world are not suitable to go with kids. So, you need to be choosy enough when you are thinking of going on a vacation with your full family package. You have to choose the place wisely. But now the question arise how do you know which places are suitable for family vacation unless you go there? That’s why we’ve created a list of some attractive and popular family holiday destinations for your convenience.


This is not a country; you can simply call it a paradise on earth. Moms and dads love this place mostly because of its natural beauty. Today our life has become digital with lots of electronic gadget and most of the kids spend their time playing video games on play station. So, this can be a great place for them to step away from electronic devices. By looking at the natural beauty and public transportation system they’ll forget about games. In winter you will also get another heavenly view of snows where you can ski, snowboard, sled and kids-themed hiking trails are also there. Hope you’ll have a great time with your family if you go to Switzerland.


It is such a tiny country that you can cover it within two hours! But this place is full of beauties. Most popular and attractive places to visit are Julian Alps, hilltop castles, fairytale lake bled, unground caves, beautiful coastline etc. Your kids will enjoy a lot by going there. However, the cuisine of Slovenia is just divine as it has combining features from Italy and Hungary. You and your kids will not be able to forget the foods if you taste it. That’s why you should go there with your family at least once in your lifetime.  


If your kids are curious enough and your family loves history and exploring outdoors then Scotland should be your first preference. Your curious kids will love to explore the castle ruins and imagine that how was it when it was ruled like a clan. If you and kids like hiking, walking then Scotland if perfect for your holiday. You and your kids will love to explore the mystical side of this place. Spending holiday here is also affordable and easy to reach. So, if you want to have a peaceful vacation close to the nature then undoubtedly you can choose Scotland as your holiday destination.


It is another place for adventure loving family. Australia is a place of endless adventure as well as very beautiful. From watching the penguins, dancing Kangaroo and hugging Koala bears will make your visit memorable. And imagine how your kids will enjoy all of this. Sydney Opera House is another fascinating thing to look after. There are actually so many places in Australia that you can visit with your kids. It is sure that your Australia tour is going to be one of the best parts of your life.

Galapagos Island

This island is situated 620 miles off the coast of Ecuador. You’ll find different types of weird animals there to see like giant tortoise, playful sea lions, penguins etc. Most amazing fact is that the animals of the island are unafraid of humans. By hiring a ship cruise you can easily visit Charles Darwin’s paradise. However, you can go there and spend your family holiday and again your kids will love the place so much.

Lastly, there are so many places to visit but we have found these five places more appropriate and that’s why we’ve given information about these places. But these places are really beautiful and good for kids.



How to Stay Healthy While Traveling | Traveling Tips

stay healthy while traveling

Traveling is the medication for the spirit, however as any person who’s gotten the hunger for new experiences bug knows, it’s not generally spectacular. Numerous stupendous experiences, particularly while wandering out of the way accompany what’s coming to them of knocks, wounds, germs and stresses. It can be enticing to feel overpowered and scared by departing life’s peace at home. Be that as it may, gratefully, health travel is what’s to come! To help keep your psyche, body and soul in full working request, we’ve gathered exhortation from some master hikers on the most proficient method to remain sound while traveling.

Tips to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Get Enough Sleep at the Time of Travel

 Sleep at the Time of TravelThe most essential thing you have to do while traveling is sleep. Your body needs rest when you’re physically voyaging, crossing time zones, conveying baggage to and from goals, strolling throughout the day, etcetera. Voyaging is brutal on your body so ensure you get a lot of rest. What amount is sufficient? Tune in to your body. After a long walk, you can rest for a couple of hours to enable your body to rest before the following one.

Use your Legs

 Investigating another city by foot can be more enjoyable than sitting in a taxicab or holding up for a tram to arrive. It’s additionally better for your well being since you’re consuming calories while strolling to your next goal. When I was going through Thailand, I strolled a few miles consistently to get in some day-by-day work out. I understood that strolling enables you to see a greater amount of the place you are meeting. When you’re dashing by in a tuk tuk, you may pass up a major opportunity for all the little points of interest that make the city so magnificent. Obviously, in case you’re in a surge then it bodes well to take open transportation. Be that as it may, in the event that you ever have the alternative to stroll from indicate A point to B, give it a shot and perceive how astonishing you feel thereafter!


One thing you can do and ought to do day by day is to be reliable with your hydration, particularly amid your vacation. Keep yourself stacked with water. When you’re parched you’ve effectively lost 1 percent of required liquids. Experts say that a dynamic person’s every day utilization of water ought to be 1 ounce of water for every pound of body weight. Amid air travel, it is instructed to drink 8 ounces concerning water for each hour. To the extent those excursion mixed drinks, live it up, yet keep them to a base, continually catching up with water. The liquor won’t just expand your measure of lack of hydration yet can divert from the essential rest designs that change over the span of traveling.

Embrace Travel Yoga

 With regards to keeping your psyche, body and soul finely tuned, there’s maybe nothing that arrangements with each of the three very and also yoga. It can enable you to manage long trip related dissemination issues, enhance the nature of your rest and even enable your spirit to bond with different voyagers as you take an interest together. We are aware of a huge amount of lodgings that offer yoga as a feature of the voyaging knowledge, and once you attempt it, it’s not hard to perceive any reason why.

Eat Breakfast

image source: eatingwell.com

Try not to skip out and go directly to lunch. Simply don’t. On the off chance that you would prefer not to have out for breakfast since you’ll be having out for lunch and supper, MAKE YOUR OWN BREAKFAST! It’s anything but difficult to purchase a container of moment oats and influence it with high temp water in your lodging to room or flat before taking off for the day. You can likewise purchase products of the soil at the nearby market. At the point when high temp water isn’t promptly accessible, you can snatch baked goods and squeezed orange from an adjacent pastry kitchen. Whatever you do, don’t skip breakfast! It’s the most critical supper of the day because it gives you the vitality to begin your day right.

Travel Hacks at the Time of Traveling

Travelling gears

Whether you’re traveling alone or traveling with your partner and family, all you need is a comfort and organized journey. You’ll find out that there are many reasons that make us travel; some are bad while others are good, but the denominator is that you must show preparation. I’m sure that you won’t fancy a situation where after reaching the middle of your journey is when you discover you left your taps open. In some cases, you find out that you left some important documents back home when they’re needed at your destination. You also won’t like it when you receive an email alerting you about unpaid bills.

This article will prepare you for a journey of any nature whether long or short. It will explain to you how to take care of things back at home, during the journey and at your destination.

Select your main luggage when traveling

You will do this depending on the nature of your journey. The suitcase that you’re using must be versatile and in good shape. This will help you from losing your items and littering anywhere you’ve passed through with a torn bag.

When you’re traveling to a journey that’s going to restrict you within a city with good pavement, there’s a right bag for you. You can use 4-Wheels that will relieve you from carrying the heavy loads on your back as all you can just pull it.In the event that you’re traveling to a location with different terrain, then you’ll need a travel back pack. It’s easy to fit the wheel to the bag when you’re on the pavement and unfit them when you now have to carry the luggage.

Organize your luggage well: This can be really easy especially if you use pack organizer. This is because the organizer is like a checklist that will enable you to pack all you’re meant to pack. The pack organizer will also save from the tedious activity of unpacking your stuff to see what’s not packed.

It’ll be an added advantage if you have a compression sac such as Pack-it. The gadget will help in compressing your luggage to a smaller thing while creating space for more clothes. You can use Pack-it to align your clothes in thin layers which will provide up to 80% space.The space that’s left, you can put your to achieve the peak of comfort throughout your travel. You can use the pillow on the bus, train or even in your hotel in case there are poor pillows. Better you may visit here to learn more.

Identify essential travel documents, cash and credit cards

travel documentsAn identification document will be basic whether you’re traveling within your country or abroad. In case you’re traveling out of your country, you need to have a valid passport and Visa on top of your ID. However, ID is mainly recognized within the country you’re a citizen.Take with you an adequate amount of money but always check the maximum amount that the country you’re going to can permit. For instance, In India, you’ll be arrested if you carry too much money as they deep it a threat to your security.

Check if you’ve your credit card that can allow you to move from various locations without liquid cash. Also, you need to have various vaccination certificates that may be needed in your host nation’s airport.

Mind about your security during traveling

Your security should be in your hand before you give it to another person. You need to stuff in money and other valuables within your clothes and ensure that your suitcase is locked.You need to have RFID blocking technology to prevent microchip from reading the content of your pocket or purse.

Leave your home in a good shape

Ensure that you close all the water taps in case you’re not leaving anyone at home. You should also switch off electric appliances like; refrigerators, microwaves, washing machines and cooling system.

Try to arrange with someone who will take care of your pets and farms in case you’re going to take long. You should settle your bills before leaving.  If you have school going children, you need to arrange for someone who will handle their homework.

Look all the doors and windows in case you’re leaving no one back. You also need to keep your valuables in the store. Leave your flight itinerary and hotels to a friend or relative. This is very basic as it can help in tracing your whereabouts in case of uncertainty.

Choosing the Best Travel Camera for Photography in 7 steps

Are you ready to go to a long vacation? Then you must thinking of bringing some incredible photos with you when you will be back. But do you bear the only camera and that’s your own cellphone? Then it will be tough for you to take perfect photos. You may be searching for a best travelling camera but there are actually thousands of options in the market. That’s why it is quite difficult and confusing to choose any one from them. First you need to make sure which type of camera you are going to buy under your budget. Let me help you in this matter.

Types of Best Travel Cameras 

Since you need to select the type of camera first you should be very careful. You must know which camera is best for your travelling. There are 5 types of camera’s that are best for travelling – bridge camera, point-and-shoot, mirror less camera, DSLR and action cameras.

  • types of travel cameraPoint-and-Shoot: If you want such a camera that you can carry in your pocket then pick a point-and-shoot. This camera has an optical zoom and a wide range of shooting modes that will help you to take photos in different scenarios. But these are not perfect for low-light situation yet you can have one for travelling photos. These will do a good job for you with an affordable price.
  • Bridge Camera: These types of cameras have great capabilities more than point-and-shoot cameras. These offers long zoom and manual controls. But one problem is you cannot use any interchangeable lenses in this camera. Still it is affordable and easy to use.
  • Action Camera: If you are an adventurous traveller then you should go for an action camera. These cameras are designed in such a way that is able to take shot in extreme situations. You can use it in snow, water and dust. These cameras offer mutual controls but one problem is that you cannot zoom with it.
  • Mirrorless Camera: If you are a very serious photographer then this is the best recommendation for you. These cameras are smaller than DSLR cameras yet it has the same capabilities as a DSLR. Mirrorless cameras offer excellent quality images, manual controls and interchangeable lenses. But these are more expensive than other cameras.
  • DSLR: When it comes to the image quality, choice of lens and manual controlling then DSLR’s are in the top position. But nowadays mirrorless cameras have taken the place of DSLR and most of the travellers first choice.

Image Quality: You must need to choose camera depending on the image quality because where you are going for travelling you may be once to see that place or people in your whole lifetime. So, photo quality is an important issue. Some people prefer cameras depending on megapixels but his is not actually a right way to choose travelling camera. Lens, case and sensor quality is the main factor of a travelling camera. So, don’t be deceived by more megapixels.

Portability: It is also a big issue because when you will go for a vacation you size and weight of camera is a great factor. You will not be able to carry a big camera and its lenses everywhere you go. Then how fine your camera is that will be of no use to you. So, must select a small, lightweight and easy to carry camera.

Price: Price is a very common thing in choosing camera because most of the time your buying depends on your budget. Though you wish you cannot go beyond your budget. It’s actually an investment and you must do the investment properly.

Learning to Use: There is no point of buying a camera if you don’t know how to use it and not spend time in learning photography. If you cannot use it properly then all of your sweet memories of travelling will ruin. Some cameras have automatic modes like DSLR and Mirrorless camera. But if you want to learn more then you can go for their manual controlling system.

Using Purpose: What do you want to do with your camera? Do you want to buy camera only to take photos during your vacation? Or do you want to be a professional photographer? Selecting proper camera depends on your original purpose for using it.

Try Before Buying: It is the only way to find out the perfect camera for you. Must try the camera you are selecting before buying. Watch out the image quality, lens, controlling etc If everything goes well then you can buy your desired one.

How to Choose the Perfect Travel Insurance Plan for Your Safety

When you plan to go to a vacation then the most important thing you should buy travel insurance. Since you make insurance for your home and car you should not think of travelling the world without an insurance. If anything bad happen on your trip like luggage stolen, flight cancellation, hotel booking cancellation, you get sick or injured then the travel insurance will bear all the extra cost for you. If you take an all-purposed insurance then it’ll cover all the problems during your vacation. It is strongly recommended for the travellers to buy this security before leaving your home because it really helps. There are so many frauds out there waiting for you. Don’t worry, because you must need to know how to buy the best travel insurance plan for your vacation. Let me help you.

Things You should Look for in a Perfect Plan

This is the most important thing you should look before you buy any plan. After buying a plan if you don’t find what you need in the plan then it will be a worst thing. So, must follow this. Insurance business a billion-billion dollar business and there are so many companies that are waiting eagerly for any of your mistakes. That’s why, you need to be very careful about this. The first thing you need to look for is the higher medical coverage. Some expensive companies will provide maximum $1,000,000 for your medical coverage but I wonder why you will need such a big amount! Anyway, try to keep the amount in a good range and maximum reasonable companies will provide maximum $100,000 for your medical coverage. I think this is also a good amount and you should not go for more than this. You need to also aware of the other medical policies like emergency evacuation should also include. Some companies provide maximum $300,000 for this planning. Again you should include the flight back home cost if you need. Then it will be your perfect insurance planning for your vacation. To get more information visit here.

You may also include the following things:

  • Most of the countries coverage
  • Sudden injury and illness coverage
  • Lost bag, stolen jewelry, documents etc. should also cover
  • Cover hotel cancellation, flight cancellation, transportation booking cancellation should cover
  • Emergency service 24 hour
  • Provide financial protection at the time bankruptcy

Be Aware of What are not Included in Your Plan

It is as important as the above planning because you must be aware of the things that you are not getting with your travelling plan. Otherwise, after going to the vacation if you see that something you need mostly but that is not included with your insurance plan then it will be a very bad thing for you. . If anything bad happen to you then the company will not bear the cost and your travel planning will spoil. So, must include what things you actually needed for your trip and be aware what not.

Try to Stay Safe

There are so many companies that will try to deceive you with their insure plan. Don’t be so fool and make a list of the things you may need in your trip. There may come different problems if you insure a plan with a low level company. So, you don’t need to buy an expensive one but choose such a one that can keep you safe throughout the vacation.

Some more information you need to know before traveling

Find Cheap Hotel Rooms Around the World
Fascinating Tourist Places Around the World 

5 Ways to Find Cheap Hotel Rooms Around the World

When you are thinking of going on a vacation then the first thing you should remember about the stay cost. The less the staying cost will be the less you have to spend. So, you must need to find cheap hotel rooms for your staying at the time of travelling. Who doesn’t love the luxurious ones? But you should not forget about your budget. You have to spend less on your eating and staying at hotels then you can properly enjoy your vacation and see around the whole location. Now you may think that how you can find cheap hotels? Well, this is actually a big thing and that’s why we are here to help you. These tips may go a long for finding affordable hotel rooms around the world.

Booking through Hotels Personal Website

 This can be a great advantage for you if you book your desired hotel through their personal website. They offer different types of discounts and deals in their website and you will not find these if you book from anywhere else. Even you can call to that particular hotel to discuss about their deals. This types of offers are only available in any hotels personal website. They also provide different discounts at the mid-week and non-seasonal times. If you check their website you will find all the details there. And I think this is one of the best ways to find hotel rooms in a reasonable price. This types of direct bookings through website also provide loyalty points that is a very big issue at the time of travelling.

Using Loyalty Points and Status

 As I told above collecting loyalty points can be great thing because the higher your points will be the more you will get discount. Even you can stay in the hotels for free of cost by your loyalty status. Now you may be thinking how you can collect such points easily? Well, earn points through branded big chains, using branded credit cards and through their shopping portals. You can also earn points by travel hacking methods also.

Look for Hotel’s Last Minutes Deals

This can be a good option if you want to stay at a lower price. There are several apps in the internet like HotelTonight where you will find different types of two-days, one-days etc. deals at such a lower price that you will never think of. But there is a problem that every time last minutes deals don’t work. So, you need to search properly.

Renting Reshaped University Rooms

This heard a little bit weird. Isn’t it? But nowadays there are good numbers of universities in the world that are providing this types of opportunity with a several conditions. When you will see the university rooms you will not be able to believe that these are students rooms because the rooms are well-furnished and colorful with comfortable mattresses and pillows. Even Oxford University is providing such an opportunity to stay in their Christ Church and eat in Hogwarts Grand Hall. Wow! This is really amazing. The cost is also very cheap.

Stay in a Different Neighbourhood

Staying in the heart of the city can be costly for you.  So, choose such a hotel that are a few miles away from the main town because these hotels are usually cheap than the main towns hotels. But be careful about one thing and that is the public transportation access is easy in those area. Otherwise, you will suffer and you have to spend more money. 7 Fascinating Tourist Places Around the World

Hope that these tips will help you lot to look for the cheaper rooms around the world. So, be ready for a safe journey!

7 Fascinating Tourist Places Around the World Everybody should Visit

Tourist Places

Who doesn’t love travelling? For the travel loving people here is a great list of tourist places that everybody should visit once in your life. Check out the top 7 fascinating places of 2017.

#1. Sydney


 Sydney is the largest city of Australia and it is also the capital of New South Wales. It is famous worldwide because of it’s unique sail designed Opera House. It is also well known for the Harbour and Circular Quay port. These two places are the navel of waterside life. Harbour Bridge and Royal Botanic Garden is also very beautiful. You can get a 360-degree view of the Sydney city from the Sydney Tower’s skywalk platform.

#2. Paris


Paris is the capital city of France and it is also called the city of love. Who doesn’t know the Eiffel Tower? This fascinating tower is situated in Paris. The city is popular worldwide because of its fashion, gastronomy, art and culture. The most popular Notre-Dame cathedral is also here. They have fame around the world for their café culture. It is a must recommendation for the newly married couple to go to Paris for their honeymoon!

#3. Honululu


Honululu is an island and also the capital of Hawaii. It is famous for its white sand crescent beach. For getting the experience of nightlife, dining and shopping you must not miss the Waikiki neighborhood. You can get a taste of cultural events all year round in Honululu and at the time of any cultural festival the city looks life Botanical Garden, Chinatown and City Hall! If you visit here you will enjoy a lot.

#4. Bali 


Bali is actually an island which is situated Indonesia. It is popularly known as the “Heaven”. It is among one of the best tourist spot in the world because of its volcanic mountains, beaches, coral reefs and rice paddies. The red volcanic mountains, white sand of the beaches and green rice paddies are really fascinating. Their meditation and yoga practices are also popular all over the world. If you want to see an attractive cultural dance then you must visit Bali once in your lifetime.

#5. Dubai 



Dubai is a city of United Arab Emirates. It is popular for its luxurious shopping malls, nightlife scenes and ultramodern architecture. It has an amazing 830m tall tower that is named Burj Khalifa. The natural and beauty of Jumeirah Beach is really beautiful. Traditional wooden made motorboats on Dubai Creek are also must seeing thing in Dubai.

#6. Kanazawa 


Kanazawa is situated in the Honshu Island of Japan and it is also the capital of Ishikawa Prefecture. It is famous for their regional handicrafts and art museums. The samurai residences of Nagamachi and old wooden teahouses of Higashi Chayagai are really very fascinating. For getting the traditional experience don’t forget to stay in Japanese Farmhouse and taste their sushi as a must that is really very cheap.

#7. Lake Lucerne

 Lake Lucerne 

Lake Lucerne is situated in the center of Switzerland. This is famous for its unique shape with four arms. The southern part of the lake is called Lake Uri. Lake Lucerne’s beauty entices thousands of visitors every year. It is really an amazing place to visit.

Image source: imager.com