Choosing the Best Travel Camera for Photography in 7 steps

Are you ready to go to a long vacation? Then you must thinking of bringing some incredible photos with you when you will be back. But do you bear the only camera and that’s your own cellphone? Then it will be tough for you to take perfect photos. You may be searching for a best travelling camera but there are actually thousands of options in the market. That’s why it is quite difficult and confusing to choose any one from them. First you need to make sure which type of camera you are going to buy under your budget. Let me help you in this matter.

Types of Best Travel Cameras 

Since you need to select the type of camera first you should be very careful. You must know which camera is best for your travelling. There are 5 types of camera’s that are best for travelling – bridge camera, point-and-shoot, mirror less camera, DSLR and action cameras.

  • types of travel cameraPoint-and-Shoot: If you want such a camera that you can carry in your pocket then pick a point-and-shoot. This camera has an optical zoom and a wide range of shooting modes that will help you to take photos in different scenarios. But these are not perfect for low-light situation yet you can have one for travelling photos. These will do a good job for you with an affordable price.
  • Bridge Camera: These types of cameras have great capabilities more than point-and-shoot cameras. These offers long zoom and manual controls. But one problem is you cannot use any interchangeable lenses in this camera. Still it is affordable and easy to use.
  • Action Camera: If you are an adventurous traveller then you should go for an action camera. These cameras are designed in such a way that is able to take shot in extreme situations. You can use it in snow, water and dust. These cameras offer mutual controls but one problem is that you cannot zoom with it.
  • Mirrorless Camera: If you are a very serious photographer then this is the best recommendation for you. These cameras are smaller than DSLR cameras yet it has the same capabilities as a DSLR. Mirrorless cameras offer excellent quality images, manual controls and interchangeable lenses. But these are more expensive than other cameras.
  • DSLR: When it comes to the image quality, choice of lens and manual controlling then DSLR’s are in the top position. But nowadays mirrorless cameras have taken the place of DSLR and most of the travellers first choice.

Image Quality: You must need to choose camera depending on the image quality because where you are going for travelling you may be once to see that place or people in your whole lifetime. So, photo quality is an important issue. Some people prefer cameras depending on megapixels but his is not actually a right way to choose travelling camera. Lens, case and sensor quality is the main factor of a travelling camera. So, don’t be deceived by more megapixels.

Portability: It is also a big issue because when you will go for a vacation you size and weight of camera is a great factor. You will not be able to carry a big camera and its lenses everywhere you go. Then how fine your camera is that will be of no use to you. So, must select a small, lightweight and easy to carry camera.

Price: Price is a very common thing in choosing camera because most of the time your buying depends on your budget. Though you wish you cannot go beyond your budget. It’s actually an investment and you must do the investment properly.

Learning to Use: There is no point of buying a camera if you don’t know how to use it and not spend time in learning photography. If you cannot use it properly then all of your sweet memories of travelling will ruin. Some cameras have automatic modes like DSLR and Mirrorless camera. But if you want to learn more then you can go for their manual controlling system.

Using Purpose: What do you want to do with your camera? Do you want to buy camera only to take photos during your vacation? Or do you want to be a professional photographer? Selecting proper camera depends on your original purpose for using it.

Try Before Buying: It is the only way to find out the perfect camera for you. Must try the camera you are selecting before buying. Watch out the image quality, lens, controlling etc If everything goes well then you can buy your desired one.